Counseling Services Available

Trillium Counseling Services Available
PREVENTION – Short term, any level support

Through the prevention program the school based therapist can meet with any student at Cascade regardless of insurance or type of need for a brief check in type service. Anyone can refer someone to the program (teachers, administrators, parents, friends, or the student themselves) and the therapist will contact the student. This is not actual therapy but services are provided by a therapist and can include short term support, help identifying a need or resources, risk and safety assessments, information about mental health, teaching coping skills, help with problem solving or managing stress, or help connect the student with actual therapy services if needed.

OUTPATIENT THERAPY – Ongoing, therapist bills insurance, regular sessions to help manage or overcome symptoms related to specific diagnosis (eg. Anxiety, depression, Bi-Polar Disorder, ADHD, PTSD, etc).

Therapist will do a clinical assessment and provide therapy in line with an individualized treatment plan that is focused on the student’s specific diagnostic needs. Each therapist may use slightly different techniques or methods, but all are trauma informed and work with the client/family to make therapy something approachable and useful. Sometimes a client will do all the talking, sometimes the therapist will provide a lot of information or ask a lot of questions, it’s very individualized and meant to be something that the student finds beneficial and hopefully enjoys doing (or at least appreciates the outcome of). This school-based therapy is just like the therapy a client would receive in a community-based outpatient clinic, however it is conducted on site. Along with doing assessments therapists assign a diagnosis, create the treatment plan, and assist the family and client in identifying goals that will help them work through their distress in the healthiest and most sustainable ways. Through their Outpatient therapist these students have access to resources such as psychological testing services, skills training, and psychiatric medication management, if needed. This is a longer-term program than prevention that goes more in depth; the therapist will meet with these students more regularly and can provide both individual and family/parent sessions.

Many students who have been in the program report that while they were hesitant or unsure what to expect at first they found it helpful to learn about what they were experiencing and how to deal with it, said it felt good to talk to someone who was not close to the issue (ie a parent or friend who was part of the conflict or had their own motives invested in the situation), and had liked having someone who took the time to listen,

Meet your therapist: Hayley Movish, MA is a Child and Family Therapist and Prevention specialist who works for Trillium Family Services. She joins with middle school students and their caregivers at Cascade Jr. High to work through the challenges of life. Her favorite thing about being a therapist is getting to build meaningful relationships with students. She will work with you to make therapy approachable based on your needs and interests. She loves laughing, being outside, eating chocolate things, and having dance parties with her dog.

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